There are 3 types of freezers:

  1. Vertical freezers
  2. Horizontal freezers
  3. Small freezers

Vertical Freezers

This one is commonly used in the commercial and industrial market, since it is a vertical structure it is like a refrigerator, this type of freezer is slightly more expensive than the rest of them.


Horizontal freezers

This type of freezer is horizontal, and they are commonly used at home, among other details they normally have more storage capacity, but its usage is a bit more difficult compared to other types of freezers.

Another advantage it has is that their performance is better, which makes it ideal for long term food storage.

The only disadvantage it has is that it uses more space horizontally speaking since the base is wider than usual.


Small freezers 

This type of freezer is like a refrigerator but smaller, less than a meter tall, due to its size you can place it anywhere and it does not need too much space.

Things to consider when buying a freezer.


  • Freezingpower

Normally freezers can reach a temperature of -20°C, meaning that food can be frozenin 24 hours according to the number of kilos stored. It is also important to see the code that is on the label, becauseto freeze food, a temperature between -24°C and -30°C is needed, meaning that it should be a 4 stars freezer, if instead of a 4 stars freezer we get a 3 star then we are talking about a freezer that preserves food but does not freeze it.

  • Storage capacity

It is important that the capacity of storage adapts to the use you are going to give it, meaning that it does not make sense to have a large capacity freezer if its going to be empty most of the time, among other factors of course, such as electricity usage and some space used a well. That is why we need to make sure we check the storage capacity and size to make sure this it is the appropriate one.

  • Electric usage

Electrical usage is classified from letter A to letter G, being A the most efficient and environmentally friendly and then are the others, the unit of measurement is Watts per hour (W/h)

  • Cleaning and unfreezing

It is important to choose a “No Frost” type since this will help us unfreeze periodically our appliance, this is because its functioning allows it to unfreeze automatically through evaporation that the engine itself produces when storing water in a recipient.


  • Capacity and termal isolation

The main function of this concept is to preserve food in the most optimal conditions and for a long time as well. It is said that food can remain frozen for 48 hours if the door is completely closed.


  • Extra features

In this part we include all the functions that will help the performance and usage of the appliance, if we check more in detail, we can see the light inside the freezer, the thermometer, to control and regulate the temperature, acoustic alarms, digital screens or displays, etc. we recommend 12 hours wait once the freezer has been installed so Gas can settle properly after being moved for a while during transportation.