A simple gesture can simplify our day to day in every aspect of life, if we learn how to manage properly our spaces things will be easier, this also applies to our dishwasher machine.


If we have the proper tools and put in practice some simple advice then our chances to better use the spaces in our machine are higher.


  • The Third VarioDrawer Pro tray is one of those tools. It is a tray destined for cutlery only that allows you to remove them easily, it is located on the top part and thanks to its folding tabs that allows you to put some small dishes or even cups in order to leave more space in the racks below.
  • On the other hand is adjustable and it has many options to bring more flexibility when using the dishwasher, this feature help you protect the glass as well, thanks to the red dots or marks that lets you regulate the height. With all this features you will optimize space when washing since you will be able to put more inside, maybe wider plates or bigger bowls.
  • Another available option is where you can regulate the height up to 5 centimeters in 3 different levels, you can even regulate the height after putting cutlery or dishes or even if its full, this way you will have much more space in the racks below.



How to properly put dishes in the Dishwasher

Besides having the adjustable space to play with it is necessary to know how to accommodate the dishes, we need to make sure nothing is going to move or change positions inside or even block the spinning arms once the machine is washing.

This normally happens when two big containers collide or when a spoon falls from the top rack to the bottom.

So placing the dishes properly is extremely important, for example; pots and frying pans should be placed in the bottom racks since they are usually the dirtiest and the bottom racks are designed to support more weight than the others, plus they are closer to the hot water. This way your washing results will be perfect.

Gather the dishes according to their size is also very helpful when taking them out since the good distribution will let you optimize space as well as saving you some time.


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