Do you have any doubt on which measurement your microwave should have? We will give you all the information you need to know about these measurements to help you make a decision.

Microwaves have become an indispensable appliance in our everyday life and that’s why it is very important to know how to choose the one that fits ours needs. Some factors will be very important to consider when choosing the right one, such as; capacity, budget and performance besides the obvious measurements of it.

What measurements would you need for your Microwave

When buying a microwave it is indispensable to know the measurements not only with the independent microwaves but mostly with integral microwaves and in order to fit it in the assigned place we would need to take into consideration its size.

This will be the possible measurements (in liters) we can find:

17 Liters Capacity: The smallest microwaves have a 17 liters capacity, made for only one person or maybe a couple, its size is about 46.2 centimeters wide, 29 centimeters tall and 32 centimeters of depth.

18 Liters Capacity: This is the next size, it has a capacity of 18 liters BUT it actually has the same size as the 17 liters (42.2 x 29 x 32 cm)

Standard Microwave, 20 Liters Capacity: The most common microwaves in the market are the 20 liters capacity, its size can change between 45-44 cm tall, 26-25 cm wide and 34-33.5 cm of depth.

21 Liters Capacity: The 21 liters capacity microwaves are perfect for dishes and medium platters (59.5 cm x 38.2 cm x 32 cm)

23 Liters Capacity: Another commonly used size are the 23 liters capacity with a little bit bigger size of 485 mm wide, 292 mm tall and 386 mm deep.

25 And 28 Liters Capacity: If you are looking for bigger capacity with the right measurements you can choose between the 28 liters and 25 liters with a size of 483 mm, 426 mm and 281 mm

Less frequent Microwaves of 36 and 44 Liters Capacity: If you have a big family and you need to heat up or unfreeze something in large trays this size is ideal for you.

Besides considering the size and measurements available you would need to choose between the types of microwaves there are which are integral and independent.

Integral Microwaves measurements

The integral microwaves are those that are built-in in your kitchen furniture, if you are looking to match it perfectly within the kitchen then this would be your best option.

The different sizes this type offers have bigger dimensions than the independent microwaves. To know the measurements of an integral microwave you should consider several factors such as the frame size (if it has one) since this can affect the size of the furniture beyond the place where you are going to fit it.

Independent Microwave measurements

If you don’t have the option to fit it within your kitchen furniture or you rather place it on top of your countertop then the independent microwaves will offer you different alternatives.

This are more common due to its smaller size and easy installation, this microwave just needs to be placed and plugged to any outlet. Normally this independent microwaves have a 20 liters capacity and the usual size of it is around 44-45cm tall, 25.7-26 cm wide and 33.5-34 cm deep.

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