To use the dishwasher properly might be something we don’t know much about.

One of the most frequent mistakes when using the dishwasher is placing the cutlery, if you have a basket for them then remember that the sharp part of the knifes should be facing down while the spoons and forks should be placed upwards. If your dishwasher is more modern then it will probably have a special basket for them, this baskets come with separating racks specially designed to put cutlery in the right order and not just dropped on top.



In the bottom zone you can put the platters, pots or cooking pots, since they are dirtier as well as being closer to the water stream. It is important to remember to always place them face down for a better cleaning so there won’t be any water left. In this zone it is also common to place the dishes since they also accumulate the hardest dirt to remove.

The upper zone is intended to place cups and mugs and just like the frying pan, pots and cooking pots this will need to be placed face down in order to be well cleaned without accumulating any water. This action is very important because this way we will get everything well cleaned without the need to wash them again in the sink, the water should drain and drip by itself which will happened if we place them in the correct position.

Besides knowing how to properly place the dishwasher we have to pay attention to other aspects in order to get an exceptional result. Sometimes the big containers that we place at the bottom don’t allow the blades to spin properly and that can affect everything we’ve learned before changing the whole result, to control this we need to always make sure the blades will be able to spin without trouble by placing everything in its place.



Another thing we need to consider for a great cleaning is to remove any leftover remaining on the plate before you put them inside, this doesn’t mean that you need to fully wash them first but instead you need to remove anything left on the plate such as dirt, this way the result will be shining plates and cutlery so your washing machine can last longer.

We hope we could help with this few tips about properly using your washing machine so you can have shining plates and cutlery as well as making your machine last longer.