Can we freeze fruit? Is it convenient to unfreeze naturally? For how long can we freeze food? This are only a few questions we ask ourselves but there is still some misinformation out there that this blog will help you answer.



Respect the temperature

The ideal temperature should be 4°C (if its full then it might change between 2°C or 8°C) and    -18°C for the freezer. It is important to remember not to put hot meals or a lot of food at once since this will make the refrigerator work more and you will force its performance.

Take your time for a proper packing

You might have experienced something similar when its cold outside so cold that it burns, well inside the freezer the same thing can happen to your food, take your time to use the appropriate container or even Ziploc bags, this way you will prevent any contamination to your food.

Nothing is forever, you need a plan

Experts say that food can be saved for 3 months maximum, unless its chopped meat or shellfish, it doesn’t mean the food will go bad and toxic, but it will affect the texture and flavor of it.

How would you eat it after?

when you put something in you need to think about the size of it and the space you are going to need, so you better use some film paper to save any fillet or chopped meat.



Avoid accumulating a lot inside to avoid any mess

Nobody likes to throw food away but the freezer should not be use as food storage in case we want to save something for later and not cook, we all have, at least once, some products saved in our freezer that are about to expire and after a while of forgetting them we throw them away. So, in order to avoid that from happening it is necessary to plan whatever we want to save and for how long.

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