How to properly use the dryer: the best tips

How to properly use the dryer: the best tips

Every day only leaves us time for emergencies and the dryer can be the perfect time-saver. 

How you use it will affect the quality of the clothes, the savings in consumption and the lifespan of the device. We give you the tips you need to make the dryer your ally for this winter.

Tips for the correct use of your tumble dryer

1. Preserve the quality of your clothes by adjusting the temperature

To keep the clothes as they were on the first day, you should know that the most important thing is to adapt the temperature to the type of fabric that you put in the drum.

Your dryer surely has specific programs for each fabric. These personalized programs work with a residual moisture sensor that detects the degree of moisture in clothes and applies the correct temperature and drying time.

To do this, don't forget to look at the garment label, it will give you all the clues you need to know if it can be machine dried and if so, at what temperature in order to preserve its appearance.


Natural fabrics like cotton and linen can shrink. If you usually use this type of garment, choose a dryer with programs tailored to these fabrics.

Use timed hot air programs to finish drying damp clothes, re-drying thick clothes, or drying wool, sportswear and stuffed animals.

You can use timed cold air programs to remove odors without having to wash.

Never put rubber, foam, beads or glitter in the dryer.

You can use a dry fabric softener or dryer sheets for a smooth finish with your favorite scent.

2. Save energy by running the dryer twice

To save on consumption, you must take into account the load you usually put and the capacity of your device. Your ideal dryer is one with a capacity slightly greater than that of your washing machine. Keep in mind that clothes get wet and weigh more.

The ideal load would be made up of different garments of the same fabric and the same weight.

Unless you have a top load dryer, our money saving tip is not to put too many clothes in the dryer. The device will consume a lot of energy to be able to dry a large load. Also, if you increase the load, your clothes will wrinkle more and there will be more wear and tear on the clothes.

Experts recommend leaving 20% ??of the dryer drum free.

3. The maintenance of your dryer is done in small steps

Let's face it, we forget, we get lazy ... Or we just didn't know it! While it is not at all complicated and you can earn a lot.