How to Clean Washing Machine: See Simple and Cheap Tips

How to Clean Washing Machine: See Simple and Cheap Tips

How to Clean Washing Machine: See Simple and Cheap Tips

Do you know how to clean washing machine properly? Know that this activity can determine the quality of cleaning of your clothes, ensure more durability to your appliance and also save resources.

Cleaning washing machine requires some special care not to accumulate various dirt such as soap, lint and slime residues, we will help you in this article to clean the washing machine and wash and dry. Check out some amazing tips!

Washing Machine Cleaning: Preserve Your Equipment

Cleaning the washing machine should be done periodically so that your clothes do not come out of the wash with white dots of accumulated soap or full of unwanted lint before putting them on the clothesline.

See below the step by step how to clean the washing machine and ensure that your clothes are always clean and fragrant.

How to clean a washing machine

  1. Pour hot water up to the permitted limit in the machine basket.
  2. Add a liter of bleach or other cleaning products;
  3. Shake the washing machine for 1 minute;
  4. Let the bleach-water mixture stand for an hour;
  5. Then continue the normal wash and spin cycle;
  6. When the machine stops working on washing, fill the washer with hot water;
  7. Add 1 liter of vinegar and repeat the entire process again;

With this same mixture of vinegar and water, clean the entire outer surface of the washing machine, including the most difficult areas.

Cleaning the washing machine needs care and attention, do not forget that it is necessary to wash the removable parts such as soap and fabric softener compartment.

How to clean the washing machine with baking soda and alcohol vinegar

  1. Press the washing machine button to the high water level;
  2. Choose the long cycle;
  3. Let your washing machine fill up completely;
  4. When the machine starts to work, pour 1 liter of alcohol vinegar;
  5. Let the electro work for a few minutes and press the “pause” button for 30 minutes;
  6. After this period, add a cup of tea of ​​baking soda and let the compost act for half an hour;
  7. Make a paste with two spoons of vinegar and a spoon of baking soda to clean the machine from the outside, especially in the most difficult corners with the help of laundry utensils;
  8. Turn on the washing machine again and end the cycle;

How to clean washing machine with bleach

  1. Clean the inside of the washing machine with a diluted bleach solution;
  2. Moisten a cloth with the solution and wipe over the entire surface;
  3. The bleach solution should be prepared with 2 liters of water ½ of bleach;
  4. After running the solution through the machine, run the normal cycle to completely remove the bleach;

The washing machine cleaning routine guarantees the proper hygiene of the clothes submitted to washing. On washers with a front door you must clean the glass and rubbers so as not to accumulate grease on the surface.

Cleaning the washing machine removes grease and soap residue from previous washes, take some time during the month to do a thorough cleaning.

How to Clean Your Washing Machine: Increase the Efficiency of Your Appliance

Cleaning the washing machine is a practice that conserves the appliance, see some actions in everyday life to keep your equipment clean for longer.

How to clean the washing machine on a daily basis

  • At the end of each wash, wipe with a damp cloth with warm water and neutral detergent;
  • Dry the inside of the washing machine;
  • Keep the door open to ventilate and prevent mold;
  • For machines with front opening, clean the sealing rubbers after each wash with warm water and detergent;
  • Dry the sealing rubbers with a dry and soft cloth;
  • Never use chemical products;
  • Follow correctly the dosage of detergent, soap, which can be a homemade soap made by you, and bleach recommended by the manufacturer;      

Take advantage of the daily washing of your pieces to clean your washing machine, using warm water and detergent after each cycle.

How to clean the front door washing machine

The practice of conservation of the washing machine with front opening guarantees more durability to the door sealing rubbers. This type of equipment requires the rubbers to be in perfect condition so that leaks or molds do not occur.

How to clean the washing machine with chlorine

  1. Make a solution with a cup of liquid chlorine in 1 liter of warm water;
  2. With a soft sponge, wipe the entire interior of the washing machine. Wear gloves so you don't hurt your hands;
  3. Pull the rubbers carefully to clean the cracks and remove soap and mildew residues;
  4. Let the solution act on the rubber for 5 minutes;
  5. With a soft, clean cloth or a soft sponge, dry the entire interior of the machine and especially the rubbers;
  6. Turn on the washing machine and run the complete cycle to rinse and remove all chlorine;
  7. In the end, dry your machine and leave the door open;

Cleaning washing machines of different brands have their own specifications, always read the manufacturer's manual and follow the appropriate dosages for the recommended amount of laundry. How about keeping your appliances longer?