We will explain to you how to clean your refrigerator so it can become a simple task:


Take all of the food out of the refrigerator

Try to put it in a place with low temperature so it doesn’t break the cooling chain, we suggest you use a freezing bag or even a portable fridge for this task. It is also a good idea to plan in advance when you are going to clean it so you can have the least amount of food inside. You can also check the conditions of the food that you have not only on the fridge but on the freezer too, making sure that they are in good conditions and not rotten or producing germs and bad smell.



Remove all drawers and shelves

If you want you can clean the refrigerator with all its parts inside but it would be much better and easy to do it if it’s completely empty. The shelves, drawers, guard rails, bottle holders and egg trays are removable but don’t be tempted to wash them in the dishwasher because they will deform. For a perfect cleaning of the drawers and shelves you will only need water and a Ph neutral soap.


Is there too much ice left in the fridge and its walls once its empty?

Removing the ice that is stuck and accumulated is also important. Usually in the non-cyclic refrigerators (meaning NO-FROST) it disappears by itself after each automatic compressor cycle, but if this doesn’t happen you can check the temperature handle to proof that it wasn’t too high. If it is, you will have to reduce it by two or three degrees, and DO NOT use any sharp objects to remove the ice by any means.


How do you clean inside the refrigerator

First of all pay special attention to the door gasket because is a very sensible part, clean it using only clean water and make sure is has been dried carefully after doing it.
For the rest you will only need a soft cloth, some water and some dishwasher liquid with neutral Ph. If you want to clear any doubt about cleaning products that you can use we will make it easier for you: use this specific cleaner that is good for both interior and exterior of the refrigerator that also eliminates any bad smell.



Cleaning of the door

If the door is white clean it in the same way you have cleaned the exterior, but if it is stainless steel we suggest you use a microfiber cloth with some water and dry the surface using paper towel always clockwise to avoid any mark. You can also use a pulverizer bottle with a mix of water and soft t or neutral detergent and dry it with a paper towel too, or use a specific set of cleaning that includes oil impregnated towels to restore the shine like when brand new.

Do you need any tip or trick to neutralize any bad smell from the freezer once it has been cleaned? For example putting a cup of some coffee grains, baking soda, cut lemon, clove or even lemon juice will do the job, you will eliminate the smell so you don’t have to go through a deep cleaning again.