Cleaning a dishwasher in the usual way is good practice to make the washing of the dishes better and also helps to avoid any major problem such as having to clear or unjam the dishwasher because of all the accumulated waste, Do you know how often to do it?




Clean all the solid waste from the dishes with paper towel before putting them inside the dishwasher, while cleaning inside you must pay attention to the gasket of the door because they can accumulate more food waste.


Clean the filter of the dishwasher, that way you will avoid anything from getting stuck and blocking the pipes. It is also important to clean the detergent compartment of the dishwasher as you can see in the image in order to follow the steps.

Every six months:

Take out the spray arms and clean the openings to avoid the deposit of Calcium Oxide and other particles obstruct the injectors so the spray arms can spin properly every 30 cycles of cleaning

Do a washing without dishes inside using a special detergent to clean machines in order to eliminate any grease and scale from it, or you can even select drum cleaning if you have the option.

When the dishwasher indicates it:

Fill the compartments with salt and polisher. If you have “all in one” capsules then the first option won’t be necessary unless the hardness of your water in your zone is elevated, if so we recommend you to add salt in the compartment.

  1. Open the dishwasher lid

  2. Pour salt into the salt compartment using a funnel

  3. Don’t forget to close the lid



Which product should you use to clean the dishwasher?

Clean your dishwasher using tested and recommended products by the manufacturer. In our stores “Hermanos Perez” you will find a wide variety of products specialized in cleaning and maintenance of electrical appliances.

The Decalcifier is recommended in zones where water is harder and has calcium oxide, its usage helps you prolong the useful life of your appliance as well as saving energy on your electric bill.

For the regular maintenance of your dishwasher (for approximately every 30 cycles of cleaning) or the drum cleaning program (if you have it only) we recommend you some of these cleaners to remove grease and scale to guarantee maximum care.