Buying a stove is an important decision for your house, it is the most used appliance therefore we must consider many factors before choosing one.

Since we know that it can be a difficult decision due to the wide variety of designs and functions nowadays is that in this guide, we will tell you all you need to know to buy the most suitable for you.



What should I consider before choosing a stove?

In order to choose the right stove, we must contemplate many different factors, the most important thing is to know your needs, because that way you will start having an idea about the characteristics that are more suitable for you, here we have some questions that will guide you through this first step:

How to choose the right size?

First thing you need to know for this appliance is the space you have available for it, if the area has enough space you can add an oven as well, but if the space is small then a countertop stove is better since it will help you optimize the space and it also gives you the chance to make meals preparing more comfortable.

Remember to take the right measurements where you are going to place the stove so you can choose the right model with the right size, you do not want to make any mistakes on that or else it won’t fit.

How to choose the right capacity?

You must consider the number of burners according to your use, considering the amount of food cooked at once or how many members in your family you have, for example if you live alone or with somebody else a stove with two burners is enough but if the members in a household are more then you would need a 4-burner stove.



There is a wide variety of models and brands in the market that is why we show the most popular ones so you can choose the best.


Ideal for medium or big houses, this type is the traditional one and it already comes with an oven, there are many different sizes, and you can find them with 4 or even 6 burners, they generally work with gas but nowadays there are some electric models as well.

The advantage for this type of stoves if that their installation is the easiest, you just have to place it in the space assigned for it and connect it to the gas or electric, depending on which type you went for.

Wall stove

This are ideal for apartments or small houses, also know as countertop stoves, these models are specially for surfaces and it allows you to optimize your space better, the variety here is wider since you can find them from 1 to 5 burners, another advantage is that you can choose from gas or electric.

Portable stove

These are ideal for small apartments and single people, these models are very practical since you can take them with you everywhere you go, you only need a source of electricity and you are good to go, they commonly have 1 or 2 burners

Gas or electric?

This decision will depend on the connections you have in your house, either natural gas, liquid gas or electric, each one of thesefuels offer different advantages when used, the main difference is the price, using natural gas allows you to save money compared to liquid gas, but nothing compares to electric since this one is the most expensive from all 3.

Gas stove

Gaseous fuel like natural gas emits less carbon dioxide but to be installed it requires a specific pipe installation from the local provider, while liquid gas is the most usedtraditionally, this method is more expensive than the prior one.

Electric stove

This are commonly wall stoves but there are also standing electric stoves, they are differentiated by the material of their burners, this can be made of iron plates or glass-ceramic, but they have a high electric usage than the gas stoves.