For a little more than 50 years we have in our kitchens this machine and it has become indispensable in our lives.

So if you are one of those first time buyers we want to help you solve any doubt you might have about their use, we want to help you use it and get the best outcome possible, so here are some frequent questions about them.

What precautions should I take before installing it?

Make the right adjustments and make sure you read the manual first.

Is it necessary to rinse the dishes before placing them inside?

No, the only thing you need to make sure is that there are no leftovers or food stuck to a plate.



How do I put the dishes inside?

We all know that putting the dishes inside is like playing Tetris so we recommend you to do the following:

  • Make sure you put them in the right position, so they don’t move and remain steady.
  • Big containers, bowls, cups or pots should be facing down.
  • If you are putting something big make sure to put it in an angle to allow water to drain down.
  • Make sure nothing is obstructing the spinning arms.

What is the pre-washing program for?

Is a short program that will give you perfect results, you can select the right option in case dishes are too dirty and its also for users who don’t use it every day. This is a very efficient way to use it since it eliminates the bad smell as well and it only uses 4 liters each time you use it.

What washing program should I use?

You must select the right program according to the type of plates you are going to put inside as well as how dirty they are. If you notice that some frying pans or pots have some burning inside of even food stuck in them then the automated programs are what we recommend you, the temperature that the machine uses can be 65° and 75°. On the other hand if they are really dirty then the right program to select is 60°, if you are going to put breakfast cups, lunch cutlery, plates and the dinner plates as well then the program you need to use is the Eco 50° C since it lasts longer and consumes less water and energy, for more sensitive fresh leftovers we recommend you the program Auto 35°-45°

Should I put frying pans and pots?

Of course, you can just make sure they don’t have any nonstick covering because they might lose that feature due to the changes in temperature.



Do I need to use salt or brightener? When and how often?

It is necessary to put both only when the machine says its necessary, there are indicators for both, an asterisk for the brightener and spinning arrows for the salt.

It is necessary to add brightener to obtain better results because this helps you eliminate any salt or water marks on your plates.

If the water in your zone doesn’t go higher than 21°dH then you can combine any detergent with the brightener to obtain even better results and again avoid salt or lime spots.  

With the salt the situation is different since it is necessary to use it to avoid lime formation, so you need to fill it before any washing cycle.

Which detergent is better?

you can use the capsules, powder detergent or liquid but DO NOT use the same detergent you use when you wash it with your hands.

You have the option to adapt the amount of detergent according to the amount of dirt you have on your dishes, that way you only use what is necessary.

If you prefer to use detergent that already has brightener you can do so, remember to always read the instructions on the product for better understanding.

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