Natural gas has evolved tremendously in the last few years, its effectiveness and money saving capacity are undoubtedly the reason of its evolution, besides in case you have not noticed it is a trending product nowadays.

The truth is that natural gas is the key element for the most important Chefs around the world, they know it provides you better control of the temperature, texture and it allows you to handle details effectively.

The classic stoves we use to see in our grandparent’s house are still trending thanks to natural gas. A gas stove does not only mean saving money, it also means better cooking quality for our stews, next we will let you know some of the advantages.


Advantages of a gas stove compared to an electric one.

First, it is known that an induction stove generally is much more expensive than a gas stove. Gas stoves do not depend on electricity, that is why it doesn’tonly save you money, but it also guarantees you a good functioning without the need of electricity.

Another important factor is that glass-ceramic stoves usually function with specific pots, pans or fryers only,It might seem simple but for the cooking experts this is extremely important, this are the things to consider when choosing a stove.

Why do Chefs prefer gas stoves?

The advance of technologymakes us think that modern and new is better than old school, and it is not always like that. In the cooking world gas stoves are still number one on their options for cooking, and the top choice for the most important chefs around the world. Its biggest asset is that it provides you better control of the temperature which leads to better cooking of the food, for example, if you want to fry fish or a steak andget that toasted side perfectly fried you always need proper handling of the temperature degrees.


On the other hand, electric stoves raise the temperature differently, meaning there are no medium points which makes impossible to control the temperature the way we want to.

Experienced Chefs and older generations would never choose not even the best glass ceramic stove over a classic gas one, why? The answer is simple, recipes have always been created based on traditional gas stoves because of their interaction with fire and way to control the heat when cooking, and that is only a privilege a gas stove can give you.


Which one is more expensive to use?

Natural gas stoves are much cheaper when we talk about usage, same thing happens with gas stoves, this fuel is not only cheaper, but it is also natural, and it comes from clean energy. Electric stoves need electricity, and their usage is much higher, a simple way to find out is by looking at your electric bill at the end of the month.