Efficient kitchen: how to properly use home appliances

Efficient kitchen: how to properly use home appliances

Ecology has passed from being a style only to become a way of life. A correct use of the resources is important, and for that we should start from our home. Your kitchen can be a more efficient place if you have quality home appliances and know how to use them.

From the Bosch side we will show you by reviewing each appliance in the kitchen with the correct performance and common sense you will be able to save energy at home.




The usage of the oven means a little bit more than 8% of the electric bill at home, if you want to optimize its use we will give you some tips:

Cook more than one plate at a time to take the most out of the oven, Bosch Ovens have the 4D warming system, this system distributes the heat evenly the interior of the oven and allows you to cook 4 different levels at once.

Avoid opening the door during the cooking process so you don’t waste big amounts of energy

Unplug the oven and let your recipe cooks itself with the residual heat

Use crystal or ceramic trays that keep the heat better



There are different types of cooktops that you can install, even if you want an efficient kitchen, in Bosch we recommend you induction cooktops. With this technology the heat is only in the area that is being used so you don’t waste any heat if the pot covers a small area.

Besides, try to always use stainless steel pans because it’s a less contaminant material





Just like the oven, in this blog we also saw how much energy the refrigerator uses and it is 18% of the electric bill, being the only appliance that is always functioning so it’s important to be efficient here

Set the right temperature: 4°C for the fridge and -18°C for the freezer, the temperature chosen will also depend how full or empty the refrigerator is

Put the food in the right order to allow a proper air flow that way the food will be well conserved, in Bosch the VitaFresh refrigerators and its innovative cooling path take the most out of the air so the food can be conserved properly and even three times more than usual

Just like the oven, open the refrigerator only when it’s needed

Our Refrigerators work with low usage LED illumination and it has Vacation Mode in case you are not going to be there for some time it will automatically go to energy saving mode while it works properly on the inside



To stop washing dishes with our hands already means saving water usage, actually it saves 30.6 milliliters a day, Bosch dishwashers have some features that contribute even more to an efficient performance

The Zeolites in the interior of our dishwashers absorb humidity and transform them into heat making the drying process even better and efficient besides this minerals last the lifetime of the appliance

The Eco Program ensures the minimum use of energy and water

The EcoSilence Engine that has drums too reduces the noise and improves efficiency



Water, detergent and energy. Your Bosch washing machine is capable of saving all this three items thanks to the IDOS Technology they have with the saving of detergent and softener, when using only the right amount of detergent you don’t waste any product, because of that feature you won’t need any extra cycle that will mean spend more electricity, do you know how much can you save? You can save 7000 liters of water per year as well as 30% of detergent ¡BRAVO!

With this tips to save energy at home your bill and the environment will be thankful